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eCommerce Fulfillment

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Shares, Inc. provides complete eCommerce fulfillment services to help our clients be more efficient and effective. We can maintain an inventory of your parts and components, assemble or kit them as required, then ship to your customers quickly.

We can relieve you of the hassles of kitting, packaging, warehouse space, and hiring temp workers for those busy seasons or when there are order surges.

Shares, Inc. eCommerce solutions will help you focus on growing your sales and developing new products while we take care of the kitting, assembly, packaging, logistics and distribution of the items you sell online.

We also offer eCommerce design, consulting, and execution. Email eleugers@sharesinc.org to learn more on how we can both fulfill your orders and increase your online sales.

Our experience and success acting as the eCommerce Fulfillment source for Supreme Athletic Wear proves that we can be the eCommerce Solution you are looking for.


Shares, Inc. and Supreme Athletic Wear

Shares, Inc provides the 4 key attributes that ensure a successful eFulfillment relationship:

  1. A company that's dedicated to protecting the merchant's brand name - It's crucial that you launch and sustain successful e-commerce initiatives by establishing tightly integrated, exceptional fulfillment and customer service capabilities. Equally important is the process of enhancing the customer's buying experience and ensuring that your brand is properly represented. Shares, Inc. can promise to provide worry free fulfillment and some of the very best customer service.

  2. An outsourced partner that understands e-commerce market opportunities and provides a complete back-end solution - Shares Inc. provides a full spectrum of management, order processing, fulfillment, distribution, and is services to its customers.

  3. A management team with broad experience - Our management team has experience in inventory management, logistics, information systems, and customer service.

  4. The ability to move goods effectively and efficiently - Shares, Inc. can distribute your products directly from our warehouse.

For more information on our eCommerce fulfillment services, contact Shares, Inc. at 317-398-8218.

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