Taking Pride in Delivering Quality, Comprehensive Fulfillment Services

Shares Inc.

Shares, Inc. is a comprehensive fulfillment services and manufacturing company that is registered with the FDA and offers turn-key solutions to governmental agencies and commercial businesses worldwide. We are a unique not-for-profit company that draws its strength from the distinct capabilities of our employees. Here at Shares, Inc., individuals with disabilities work alongside quality professionals to provide value adding services to our customers while learning fundamental skills that will prepare them for the community workforce. Our customers take pride in knowing that they will be receiving high-quality outsourced solutions while also playing a vital role in our overall mission of creating opportunities for individuals with disabilities.

Learn more about our Industrial and Vocational Services below:

Vocational and Support Services

In addition to serving our customers, we also serve our community. Some of our business units are run as non-profit organizations and wherever we can, we employ people with disabilities from throughout Central Indiana. We provide a work setting which emphasizes productivity, safety, and independence while building self-esteem through personal and social skills and the improvement of work skills.

Learn more about our Community and Vocational Services:

Vocational Services

Support Services

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